A little bit about us 


Nathan // @nathanjfrench

Hi I’m Nathan, a shorts wearing, outdoor loving, old (funk &) soul. My running journey only started in 2016, but not one to do things half-heartedly, my first event was a 22 mile route with over 5000ft of ascent, starting in Caernarfon Castle to the summit of Snowdon and finishing in the village of Llanberis. Since then, I’ve caught the running bug and have a keen interest in all things ultra! Particular highlights have been racing across mountains in Bulgaria, up and down the cliffs of Cornwall and joining the 100 mile club at the Chester Ultra 100 in May 2019. The Running Nomads was my furlough baby and was borne by combining my love of running, outdoor activities, adventure and travelling. I’m excited for the next steps of the journey and stay tuned because I have a lot of ideas!



Libbi // @libbi_emma

Hey, I’m Libbi. Having grown up with an adventure seeking Mother I’ve loved spending time outside from a young age. Originally from a little town called Marple Bridge, I grew up in between busy Manchester and the green rolling hills of the Peak District. My love for running grew as I did, and by the time I was 20 - wanting to challenge myself - I entered my first half marathon. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve had the pleasure of competing in major marathons, ultra-distance running events, and many fell races. The trails and fells are where I’m most at home and having met Nathan in 2015, I’m forever grateful to have someone to share them with. Books, fashion, good coffee and red wine make me happy. I’ve been a pescatarian for as long as I can remember, love to travel, excel in sunshine and I’m optimistic for all the adventures we have on the horizon!   


Arthur // @arthur_boot_the_border

Hello, I'm Arthur! I am a sassy Border Terrier originally from Yorkshire. I joined my forever fam in 2019 and have never left their sides since. I’m very alert and love to spend my days people watching, eating and exploring in the great outdoors. When I’m not outside, I’m partial to an afternoon nap and have been known to enjoy the occasional salmon bite. The rain, the bath or basically water touching me of any kind dampens my lively spirit, so I can’t wait until we can go for adventures in our van as I’m promised it will be sunny! I have a strong passion for meeting fellow like-minded dogs so hit me up if you fancy a game of ball...

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